Museum Gallery Activities: A Handbook (American Alliance of Museums) por Sharon Vatsky

November 15, 2019

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Museum Gallery Activities: A Handbook (American Alliance of Museums) por Sharon Vatsky

Titulo del libro: Museum Gallery Activities: A Handbook (American Alliance of Museums)

Autor: Sharon Vatsky

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Sharon Vatsky con Museum Gallery Activities: A Handbook (American Alliance of Museums)

Críticas This book is a tried-and-true toolbox-a companion for any educator who knows, or is curious about, the benefits of active, participatory teaching and learning. Vatsky makes a convincing case for why learners (and educators) should shift from being viewers to doers, and provides us with a treasury of practical activities that expand the interpretive possibilities of art. An essential guide for anyone who wants to make art-or just about any subject-more accessible and relevant. -- William B. Crow, PhD, Educator in Charge, Teaching and Learning, The Metropolitan Museum of Art This practical guide of museum gallery activities should be on the shelf of every museum and art educator. It is full of engaging ideas for developmentally appropriate gallery activities and interactive learning experiences for audiences of all ages and abilities. Particularly appealing are suggested gallery activities that include elements of play. -- Nancy Walkup, Editor-in-Chief, SchoolArts Magazine, Davis Publications Reseña del editor During the course of an interactive museum tour a skilled educator will be able to elicit multiple responses and keep the conversation moving toward new discoveries, but no matter how competent the educator, there will always be some participants who enthusiastically contribute their ideas to the discussion, while others listen, but are reluctant to speak-up. In order to engage the entire group in the interpretive process, museum educators frequently employ gallery activities. Gallery activities enlist other sensory components and learning styles to experiencing the work of art. As in crafting open-ended discussion questions, the activity must be carefully designed to allow everyone in the group to contribute, be inquiry based, and be directly related to the work of art under consideration. This handbook provides a compendium of successful gallery activities: -Writing -Debating -Drawing -Movement -Music -Close looking and observation -Touch and tactility Features include: -Photographs of youth and adults participating in gallery activities -Sidebars with favorite gallery activities contributed by museum educators at many museums across the country -Planning templates Ver Descripción del producto

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